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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 19, 2012, 7:31 PM
If you have a question regarding this group, your answer may be found below. Please read the FAQ before you ask a question that may have already been answered here.

Q. What is this group about?

A. Please read the group info in this journal.

Q. Zombies? So is this like, (put the title of Manga/Anime/Video Games/Movies that has to do with zombie survival EVER.)

A. Yes and no. This is a group about zombie hunting and not just survival. We have our own qualities that separates the plot of the Dead Game from all the other media with Zombies in them.

Q. Sweet! How can I join?

A. All questions regarding the joining process can be found in Application Guide.

Q. I would like to become a mod, I think I would make a great mod!

A. As of now, all of the mod positions are taken. However, if the members stay active long enough, they will be invited to be in a special team.


A. Spoilers. Sorry.

Q. Can I make a zombie OC?

A. You can. But your zombie will be killed right away. And you really have no say over that, this is a group about zombie hunting after all.  

Q. Are we allowed pets?

A. There are no animals in Paratice that are still alive. All animals that are brought in are used for zombie bait or food, so short term pets: yes, long term pets: no. Unless they're rats or roaches, then it's okay. However, there might be some changes with this later. uvu

Q. How many characters am I allowed to have?

A. Just one Player, but you are allowed to make a few NPCs. NPCs, however, are disposable characters that are fated to die sooner or later.

Q. But I can't draw Zombies, does that mean I shouldn't join?

A. That's completely fine! You don't have to draw zombies in this group to be active. The mods will take care of drawing/designing zombies. So even when you want to draw the undead, you'll have references to draw from. ovod

If you have any other question, please don't hesitate to ask.

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