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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 19, 2012, 5:43 PM

From the Apocalypse to the Utopia

An outbreak of the virus had happened a long time ago. Chaos ruled the world and humans struggled to survive. Many countries had fallen, and became ruins where the undead walked. The more powerful and rich countries had formed their own utopia where the people were safe from the undead, The United States becoming the center of all other. Each new country was ruled by a rich and powerful group who were able to supply citizens with food and weapons, and they called themselves the Sector Council.

The Plan of Expansion

Soon, the US came to face another crisis… over population. With their country reduced significantly, they needed more room for the people. The US Sector Council has come up with a plan of expansion to their utopia. One of the Council member, now known as "The Director" came up with an idea. The Dead Game: A new reality survival game show to be aired in their country.

"The Dead Game Beta"

The very first game involved 30 humans comprised of handpicked soldiers, prisoners, and a few citizens by the members of the Sector Council.  They were given instructions, weapons, and supplies to complete their task to clear out the city of the undead. Faced with this challenge, many had become victim to the effects of both the virus and the psychological trauma. Out of 30 'Players', there were less than 10 survivors. However, this was a great success to the Director, who decided to continue the show with improved set-up, challenges, staff, and the monsters.

skin by Vixii
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