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Staff Members

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 19, 2012, 5:56 PM
These are the people who work under the Director and are in charge of running the Game. Their purpose is to give instructions and guide the Players throughout the game, or given the circumstances, will also act as the executioners of the Players.

The Voice: Kyton Shaxx
TDG: Kyton Shaxx by Sanpincha

The Voice is there as the spokes person of the show. Off air, he is there to ultimately give information and instructions to the Players and staff. His words come from the Director, and his information is more than likely to be very important. On top of his skills of combat being better than the average Player, he is also guarded by the other staff members. Do not approach him with hostility, for that will be the end of you.

The Four Horsemen:
  • Strahl Shaxx
    TDG: Strahl Shaxx by Sanpincha
  • Natasha Valentine
    TDG - Natasha 'Nate' Valentine by starexorcist
  • Jude Williams
    TDG: Jude Williams by Scissorsmith
  • Vlad
    TDG: Vlad by Royal-Jelliefish

These staff members are also known as the Executioners. Each specializes in certain weapons and skills. They are highly trained assassins ready to strike in command without asking questions. They are experts in combat, and have been instructed to guide the Players along with The Voice during the game. They are also entrusted to be in charge of [Information Classified] when the season ends.

Firearms: Strahl Shaxx

Blade Weapons:  Natasha Valentine

Tactics & Intelligence: Jude Williams

Explosives: Vlad

The Watch Dog: [Information Classified]

[Information Classified]

The Doctor : [Information Classified]
TDG - Doctor Nikolai by starexorcist

Self explanatory. The doctor is there for medical support. He possesses a quick injection used to treat the bitten Players, if they get to him in time. He is also in charge of [Information Classified]. Do not approach him with hostility, for that will be the end of you.

The Supplier/ Store Keeper: Zain Hugo
TDG: Zain Everett Hugo by TheAngelOfMemories

The supplier is there to provide the Players with necessities. From clothing to weapons. Given the special privilege, he is the only one allowed to leave the city to restock, of course under surveillance by [Information Classified]. All requests for supplies should be brought to the Supplier.

The Mechanic: Citali Erisendre

The Mechanic is in charge of repairing/upgrading the weapons and heavy machineries, as well as coming up with new technologies to help the staff and players during the game. The Mechanic's shop is near the center of the city, and will not be relocated, even when the new section of the city is unlocked. It is advised that you bring scraps of metal or raw materials to the Mechanic to keep an inventory of supplies to be used for weapon upgrades.

skin by Vixii
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Submitted on
June 19, 2012